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Classic Station Promos and IDs

Here you'll find some of the greatest TV station promos and station IDs of all time!  And pay attention to all of it!

Now you can find classic promos at:


Good folks..good news...Catch 5!  Composed by Frank Gari in Hollywood, WEWS' 1982-83 "Catch 5" promo includes the 1982-83 ABC campaign slogan, "Come on along" among its lyrics.  "Catch 5," along with WKYC's "Turn to 3," both composed by Frank Daniel Gari, are Cleveland's two most recognizable television promos of all time.


Composed by Sound Recorders in Omaha, "KM3US" is the most famous promo in Omaha TV history.  It was based on the 1978-79 "NBSeeUs" campaign for the then-downtrodden NBC network.  Today, KM3 is the CBS affiliate for Omaha, as it has been since the mid-1980's.  WARNING:  Total length of time for the promos: Four minutes.  Includes a sales pitch from Sound Recorders.  If you are interested to learn how the business works, then download this one!

KNBC News4LA 1984-85 Promo

What you're about to see is a promo for what would soon dethrone longtime ratings leader KABC Channel 7 as Los Angeles' number one news.  In this promo, watch for Nick Clooney, Kirstie Wilde, Tricia Toyota, John Beard, David Horowitz, Kevin O'Connell, Fritz Coleman, and Fred Roggin, and the "4LA " logo sailboat, all to the tune of the instrumental version of "Let's All Be There."  On August 11, 1985, "News4LA" became "The Channel 4 News."  Gone were, among other people, Toyota, Beard, and O'Connell, and in arrived Kent Shocknek, Keith Morrison, Kelly Lange, David Sheehan, and, best of all, Paul Moyer and Colleen Williams.  A year later Clooney left, and Jess Marlow joined.  The Channel 4 News first became L.A.'s most-watched newscast in 1985-86 (also the first year NBC was number one), with all these changes, and remains number one today.


This promo for WLEX in Lexington, Kentucky was based on the "Let's All Be there" campaign for NBC that lasted  for not one but  two seasons, 1984 until 1986.  The reason it was replaced by WLEX was this:  For the 1986-87 season, the campaign slogan for NBC was changed to "Come Home to NBC."  (Did that make the campaign slogan for WLEX "Come Home to TV19?") 


"Reach for the Stars on Channel 13..." was the slogan in 1981-82 for WTVT Channel 13 in Tampa Bay, then a CBS affiliate.  In fact, "Reach for the Stars" was CBS' 1981-82 fall campaign slogan.  Today, WTSP Channel 10 is the local CBS affiliate, and Fox Television Stations owns WTVT, now the local Fox affiliate as "Fox 13 Tampa Bay."


This promo features a lot of old home movie footage from the 1950's and 1960's, as sent in by Boston area viewers.  The name of this promo is "Feel Good About That."  WNEV is now WHDH 7NBC, the NBC affiliate for Boston.

KCRA "Be There" 1983-84 PROMO

"Channel 3 There...Be There," based on the 1983-84 NBC fall campaign slogan "Be There," has been hailed as the greatest single promo in Sacramento TV history; certainly one of the funniest.  Aside from the laughter, you can also see clips from your favorite NBC shows from 1983-84.  Two minutes long! Be prepared to laugh!

WPXI NewsCenter 11 1982-83 PROMO

WBZ 1977-78 "We're 4" SPORTS PROMO

WBRC Fox 6 Late 1990's Promo

This promo for Fox affiliate WBRC in Birmingham, AL, which began in 1994 when it was still an ABC affiliate is hands down the most famous promo in Birmingham TV history.

A sunset; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here I'll describe the picture above.

A sunset; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here I'll describe the picture above.