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There are a classic local news themes seen around the country that are very popular, it sometimes becomes something of a fad.  These commercials are legends locally if not nationally.

One of the original cast members of "NYPD Blue," he decided to leave the series to make a bid for big-screen stardom. He was replaced by Jimmy Smits, who in return was replaced by Rick Schroeder, who in return will be replaced.

No cast member from "Silk Stalkings" would stay during the show's run, as evidenced by the departures of Estes and Kapture.  In November 1995 Chris and Rita were married, but a week later Chris was killed in a shootout.  Rita, devasted, retired from the Palm Beach Police Department.  This came after the decision of both stars to leave the series.

Finally had a lead role on "Petticoat Junction" as Kate Bradley. When she died in 1968, she was replaced by June Lockhart in the role of Dr. Janet Craig, who became Hooterville's town doctor. Edgar Buchanan was promoted to top billing. "Petticoat Junction" was cancelled in 1970.

Because of claims of sexual harassment by co-star Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell announced she was leaving "Martin" in late 1996. On the show, Gina was visiting Los Angeles and set up the West Coast office of her company. Once her lawsuit was settled out of court, Campbell made a guest appearance on "Martin's" series finale in May 1997, even though not in the same scene as Lawrence. Fox not only yanked "Martin" from its 1997-98 schedule; it also yanked "Married...with Children" from that same schedule as well!

Originated the role of Marilyn Munster on the TV series "The Munsters." She left in December 1964 to get married, and Pat Priest took over the role, staying until the series ended in 1966. That was longer then Owen's tenure on the series! However, Fred Gwynne was promoted to top billing, thus demoting, in quick succession, Yvonne DeCarlo, Al Lewis, and Butch Patrick.

December 31st, 1971, Pete Duel of "Alias Smith and Jones" committed suicide in his Hollywood Hills apartment. The role of Hannibal Heyes had to be recast. They eventually settled on Roger Davis, the series' narrator, and a partially completed 1972 episode was redone with Davis filming Duel's scenes.

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